Even the best organisations and youth workers need a little extra support from time to time. From writing policy and doing research to staff training and supervision the consultants at Ultimate Youth Worker are the most highly qualified and experienced in the youth sector. Our consultancy services are designed to help you realise your goals and open up new paradigms to the way you deliver your services. Our consultants draw on years of experience, the highest qualifications and their immense skills in doing this and they are passionate about assisting you to realise your organisational or personal objectives.

When we consult with you our focus is completely on helping you to get what you need to achieve your strategic vision. We understand how important effective teams are in youth service provision and work with yours in this process. Our commitment to your organisation is sustainable outcomes. We can work with you to develop and refine systems and strategies that assists teams to continue to grow, adapt and meet new challenges.

ConsultancyStrategic and Business Planning

  • Establishing a shared and compelling vision
  • Business case development and opportunity assessment
  • Development and implementation of your organisation’s strategic intent and directions
  • Developing and monitoring data and measurements systems for the strategic planning process
  • Reviewing strategic and business planning

Change Management

  • Engagement in preparing for change
  • Engagement in informing change processes
  • Engagement in implementing change processes
  • Engagement in monitoring change processes

Service Development

  • Undertaking the research and development for innovative new approaches to service provision
  • Establishing of service models and implementation plans
  • Implementation and monitoring of service models

Policy and Procedure Development

  • Working with management and staff in developing policy positions and frameworks
  • Development of procedural guidelines and associated processes
  • Review of Policy and procedures


  • Conference Facilitation (Master of Ceremonies, Panel Convenor etc)
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Presentation Facilitation
  • Panel Facilitation


  • Mediation of disputes inter and intra teams
  • Mediation of disputes between individuals

Workforce Development

  • Developing and implementing integrated staff recruitment, retention and development strategies
  • Administration of vocational assessments;
  • Professional coaching
  • Case management of staff returning to work
  • Leadership training
  • Enhancing staff motivation
  • Employee assistance services tailored to individual need

Team Building

  • DISC Profiles and Debriefing
  • Developing team agreements and communication strategies
  • Building on complimentary team strengths
  • Aligning team roles for best fit
  • Promoting more efficient and effective meetings

Organisational Culture

  • Creating a learning organisation
  • Connecting staff to the organisational vision
  • Strengthening communication
  • Promoting innovation


  • DISC profiling and coaching;
  • Building on individual’s strengths and assisting them to manage their ‘blind spots’
  • Expanding the capacity of your individuals and teams
  • Developing and sustaining culture through leadership
  • Developing leadership succession plans

Governance and Risk Management Arrangements 

  • Establishing board structures, processes and systems
  • Developing effective delegations frameworks and processes
  • Establishing and implementing risk management systems
  • Reviewing governance and risk management structures, systems and processes

Stress Management 

  • Understanding self
  • Developing individual ‘balanced life’ plans
  • Assessing workplace stress and developing and implementing team stress management plans
  • Implementing structural stress reduction initiatives in the workplace

Research and Evaluation

  • Development of research questions
  • Establishing and implementation of evaluation frameworks
  • Mixed method research processes, including quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Establishing and implementation of measurement frameworks
  • Report writing

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  1. Morning

    As an organisation we could do with some support in putting a framework in place for outputs, outcomes and inputs.

    What to measures?

    How to measure?

    The Jersey Youth Service does some great work but this bit missing is this framework so we can support our work to politians and funders

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