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We provide a bunch of services that help you to become ultimate youth workers


Our coaching team have helped many youth workers find their passion again while continuing to develop them as a professional.

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The Ultimate Supervision Service assists professional youth workers to achieve maximum professional standards and personal satisfaction in the workplace. We all need a coach in our corner!

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The best youth workers are highly trained and motivated. Our training programs are the best the the youth sector has to offer. Our trainers will motivate you to greatness.

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Ultimate Youth Worker researchers come from a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds including social work, psychology, youth work and education. Our research approaches like our staff are diverse and complementary to the sector.

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Do you need a speaker for your group or conference? Our Executive Director has a wealth of experience speaking to groups all over Australia.

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The Ultimate Youth Worker Podcast is a weekly audio series focused on helping youth work professionals become more effective in their youth work practice. Each week we discuss specific knowledge and skills to help youth workers develop the best possible practice.

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The task of imagining the future must precede any attempt to address possible challenges and to realise the kind of futures we consider are worthwhile.

Bessant (2004)


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Youth Mental Health First Aid

Really enjoyed Aaron and his lively and happy personality and willing to answer all question. Aaron was very knowledgeable and had a lot of experience which help when teaching content. I am recommending my school and other friends in the field of youth work to do this course with Aaron“.

Heather, Independent School


“As I journey into the unknown wilderness that is youth work, it is comforting to know I have awesome people by my side”.

Rachel, EET Worker


Excellent communicator. Aaron showed clear knowledge with just the right amount of anecdotal information to make youth mental health “real” rather than just “text book”. I Liked the way he answered questions throughout his talk without letting us get bogged down“.

Mikayla, Youth Worker


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