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Tier One Training

If you are new to the youth sector through to two years in this is the training for you.

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Whilst people often know a lot about common physical health problems, ignorance of mental health is prevalent. Regular first aid courses are widespread, however most of these courses do not address helping with mental health problems. Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training aims to fill this gap.

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Self Care Training

Youth work is a tough gig! Throughout our career we will hear stories of violence, abuse, neglect and much more. We will be bombarded with adolescent angst and a sector that is severely under resourced and supported. We are excited to do the job... But, what do we need to do to keep from burning out?

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Drug & Alcohol Training

Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing concern in Australian society. This course teaches youth workers how to assist people who are beginning to experiment with using substances, regularly using or who are using problematically.

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Group Work Training

Groups are powerful instruments of personal and social change. As leaders of groups including those with young people it is important that we support group members to effectively harness the energy, power and resources available to achieve a group's purpose.

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Behaviour Management Training

Want to develop better relationships with young people? Understanding how young people behave is crucial in developing positive relationships with them. In this course we show you the best framework we know of for understanding behaviour and how it can help you support young people.

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Tier Two Coming Soon...

Tier two training is for senior practitioners through to team leaders.

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