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Global Youth Worker Network

We hear every day about our friends and colleagues burning out. We know 21% of youth workers leave the sector entirely every year. We know that community sector workers have the highest rates of psychological distress claims through workcover. Yet, when it comes to dealing with these issues, frontline workers are usually left to their own devices.

The networks we have in the sector are great for sharing about our work and our referral pathways, but most of them miss the essential need of supporting us… The workers! Thats why we have spent the last 12 months developing the Global Youth Worker Network.

Like everything in life, occasionally we need training, guidance, friendship and a little maintenance. The Global Youth Worker Network – Melbourne Branch is one of the best resources in Melbourne that Youth and Community Workers can turn to when we need to connect with other people who just ‘get it’. Our calling is to provide you with the opportunity to be the best youth worker you can be. Our Vision is to have highly trained youth workers getting the personal and professional development opportunities they need to grow which in turn will see a strengthened professional youth sector. We believe that the way forward is through networks of Ultimate Youth Workers.

So what does the network look like?

The Global Youth Worker Network is a fortnightly facilitated peer support and training network for youth and community workers with a bunch of benefits you don’t get elsewhere:

  • A Fortnightly facilitated peer support session with some of the best minds in the industry
  • Fortnightly training sessions to help you grow as a professional as well as personally
  • Access to members only content on the Ultimate Youth Worker website including blogposts, videos, podcasts and much much more.
  • A monthly email full of encouragement and resources
  • Discounted attendance at all Ultimate Youth Worker Training events (Minimum 10%)
  • Discounts for individual supervision (Minimum 10%)
  • and best of all its all tax deductible!!!
Level Price  
Ultimate Youth Worker Network (Monthly Membership) $49.50 per Month. Select
Ultimate Youth Worker Network (Yearly membership) $594.00 per Year. Select